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Social Security Administrative Law

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Frankel Law is a social security and disability law firm serving New Bedford, MA, and surrounding areas. We offer the guidance and assistance you need for your case ensuring the best chance of a successful outcome. Sara J. Frankel is a social security and disability attorney with a comprehensive knowledge of SSD law. She offers the personalized assistance that your case deserves while working hard to obtain the delivery of your benefits.


As an experienced SSI Disability lawyer, Sara J. Frankel has the legal skill and expertise to provide efficient legal representation. She was a former staff attorney with the Social Security Disability Administration which gives her an inside perspective that is beneficial to her clients.


Assistance at Every Stage

We offer the assistance you can depend on every step of the way as your case progresses. We have represented social security disability claims of all types involving illnesses, mental illness, physical illness, and cognitive challenges. Our experience allows us to provide the accurate legal guidance your case can benefit from. As a local SSDI attorney, we are familiar with the judges and the court system in New Bedford, MA. Let us provide the expert assistance you need throughout the process.


We will work diligently to help you get the social security disability insurance and benefits you are owed. We will explain the supplementary security income law in relation to your case and ensure that your best interests are represented throughout the entirety of filing your claim for social security disability benefits.


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